We combine established evaluation methods with the latest advances in econometrics and data technology to uncover insights and drive decision making.

Our Analytics Services

Monitoring Systems is one of Amber Loop's strength

Monitoring Systems

We roll out tools and processes designed to observe, track, and assess the performance or behavior of a system, network, application, or any other entity. These systems play a crucial role, providing real-time information, identifying issues, and ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of different processes.

Digitization is one of Amber Loop's strength


We build systems to transform information locked in hard copy into datasets ready for analysis and visualization. Amber Loops deploys optical recognition techniques that can be used for example to grade students assessments, monitor attendance sheets, or extract information from administrative data.

Optimizing work streams is one of Amber Loop's strength

Optimizing work streams

We work with clients to roll out data streams and dashboards that efficiently capture data, provide visualization and analysis to identify triggers for action. We can also tailor large language models to address specific needs of social impact organizations.

Predictive analytics and modeling is one of Amber Loop's strength

Predictive analytics and modeling

We use statistical algorithms, machine learning, and data mining to identify patterns and relationships within data sets. These techniques are used to analyze historical data, extract insights from unseen data, extrapolate findings and make predictions about future events or trends.

Why Amber Loops

Drive for innovation is one of Amber Loop's strength

Drive for innovation

We harness the power of a diverse range of innovative models, including machine learning, geospatial data analysis, and advanced language models, to drive our operations and maximize our impact.

At the Forefront is one of Amber Loop's strength

At the Forefront

We are committed to continuously deploying cutting edge data-driven solutions to maximize efficiency, adaptability and effectiveness.

Out of the box is one of Amber Loop's strength

Out of the box

We offer data-driven solutions to commonly-found problems in socio-economic development research