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We advance social impact through partnering with stakeholders to develop evidence-based solutions

About Us

Who we are

Amber Loops is a data, research and analytics firm.

We offer full cycle support for research projects, from data collection to analysis. Our approach is structured, data intensive and embedded in the local context.


To use data and evidence to discover solutions that are more impactful and responsive to the local context


To become a global leader in utilizing data and research to catalyze positive transformations, advance societal well-being and create a better, fairer and more sustainable world.

mission and vision at Amber Loops


Delivering Excellent work means Understanding the Context

Amber Loops has three years of experience in data collection and development research in East Africa.

We work on projects focused in countries where we have an established presence: South Sudan and Uganda. Our team based in the United States of America leads our drive for innovation and provides technical support to the East Africa offices.